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The Web Today: WikiLeaks, etc.

Searching the web today, it feels as though all of the internet could be categorized by “WikiLeaks, etc.”. Blogs and news-sites alike are flooded with articles about WikiLeaks, articles indirectly related to WikiLeaks, and then a select few articles that are actually non-related.  In fact, even Google’s annual Zeitgeist, their version of a yearly wrap up of the search industry, ends on a note about WikiLeaks.  So for today’s Weekly Wrap Up, we will of course cover what we feel is hot throughout the industry – but don’t be surprised when WikiLeaks pops up for 3 of our 4 topics.  We’d apologize, but we feel it is a pretty accurate representation of the world today.  Read on, learn something, and share… you just might find out something new!

1. The New Facebook

We’ll start you out with something fresh, easy, and… necessary? That last adjective, at this point, seems to be debatable.  Though Facebook did not make any significant changes to the functionality of the home page, users are now able to elect to use a new version of the Facebook profile.  Once a user makes the switch, all of their friends show up in the same “New Profile” format.  However, if a user chooses to maintain the “old” profile, only “New Profile” friends appear in the new format.  The “New Profile” presents consolidated information with a greater emphasis on relationships and pictures.  With very few “new” features though, the question is up to you: was this a very cool design change, or unnecessary? We’d love to hear your opinion!

2. Twitter Censorship?

Some Twitter users are beginning to doubt the integrity of the ever-popular Twitter Trends, as despite all recent news, WikiLeaks has yet to trend since August 26.  Speculation had been unanswered until recently, when a Twitter representative responded to the accusations.  Twitter Trends, she says, is based on sharp increases in popularity, not constant popularity.  In other words, their claim is that since Wikileaks has been constantly mentioned in tweets, the activity did not trigger a Trend.  However, a graph of #WikiLeaks activity prepared by Trendistic makes us wonder if this explanation is true:wikileaks, twitter trends

If that is not a sharp increase, I’m not sure what is.

3. Operation Payback

Did you have trouble accessing your online Visa account yesterday? Perhaps it was MasterCard? Or maybe you were very confused as to why you couldn’t read PayPal’s blog?  Sources say that each of these phenomena can be attributed to a group of internet hackers called Anonymous.  Via Twitter (@anonoftheabove), the group describes themselves as “Anarchist, Atheist, Anti-capitalist, Freedomist, Venus Project Advocating, Zeitgeist Watching, Anonymous Legionnaire, Voluntaryist, Libertarian Idealist nobody.”  Recently, they’ve begun a project called “Operation Payback” – targeting all corporations that have refused service to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.  The video below describes their intents:


Check out the Mashable article for the full list of Anonymous’s recent actions.

4. Zeitgeist 2010

Each year, Google creates an annual report detailing how the world searched. This year, for the first time, Google created a visual to showcase their findings.  As you can see, the world’s searches provide an accurate recap of the year, for better or for worse.


The Zeitgeist 2010 provided an excellent look at the year, but of course, the year is not quite over!  At Serendipit, we are not done yet!! With over 3 more weeks, we’re still crankin’ out work, and we’re excited to see what else the world has in store for us.  Any predictions??

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