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Three New PR Trends You Need To Know About Now

It goes without saying that business leaders are hungry for building up their business, increasing their audience and maintaining their expert-like reputation in their field of work. Below are three Public Relations trends that all business leaders should be aware of to get a jumpstart on increasing their business efforts and leads this year.  


1. Video is key

As technology is advancing, storytelling is becoming more powerful than ever, especially for a business. Utilizing videos for your company will provide your targeted audience an impactful experience through visuals to enhance your story and services. Also, being content ready with video footage up front will increase your chance to garner national coverage.


2. Trade publications are more important than ever

Obtaining coverage in large publications is great when wanting to educate a general audience. With that being said, knowing where you will receive the most traction for your topic is crucial – that is where trade comes in. Focusing on a targeted audience with a distinct topic will result to more valuable coverage in trade publications.


3. PR is shifting to contributor content

Gaining a media win is no longer all about securing an interview with the editor or producer. Times are shifting to where gaining a PR win is more about the contributed content that is provided to them. This provides a significant advantage for business leaders. Through contributed content you have more control of your message.  


Business leaders that are eager to grow and enhance their brand and services will find that following these three trends will help garner tangible coverage for their business. Having video footage ready, understanding your targeted audience and controlling your brand’s message will allow business leaders to consistently secure media coverage for their company.  

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