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Tips For Successful Live-Tweeting

Serendipit takes a look at why live-tweeting can help boost your marketing strategy and the tips for its efficiency

Live-Tweeting is best defined as engaging on twitter for a continuous amount of time. This can range anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. There are many reasons why someone would live tweet, like if they were at an event or even if they were hosting a webinar. Live-tweeting is a way to add buzz to your twitter account by creating conversation. Users are more likely to engage if they know that someone is there to tweet them back live.

Here are some tips to effectively live-tweet:

Create a hashtag: When deciding that you are going to live-tweet, you should always come up with a hashtag so that you can keep the tweets straight. One rule of thumb is to keep your hashtag short and sweet, and use the hashtag in every tweet that goes out during the live-tweet.

Strategize tweets ahead of time that promote the live-tweet: Let people know when you are going to be live-tweeting and what the purpose is. You can promote this as well as the hashtag ahead of time to create buzz and allow for more people engage with you. By having these tweets go out beforehand, you can be consistent with what times you want to promote and what information you would like to promote.

Interact with your twitter audience: Keep track of the official hashtag that you are using as well as people who will be tweeting at you. Be aware of those tweeting and asking questions. By asking questions to your audience and answering their questions, you can help with this engagement and interaction.


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