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Can you say ‘no’ to Facebook or Twitter? The country of France certainly has, or at least on-air personnel by orders of the French broadcasting regulator. The use of the names “Facebook” or “Twitter” has been banned, unless deemed relevant to the story. This ban is based on a decree created in 1992 that forbids the advertisement of commercial enterprises or news programs, therefore making it against the law to ask your viewers to follow you on Twitter or Facebook. Why now though? CSA spokeswoman Christine Kelly states, “There are many other social networks that are struggling for recognition…this would be a distortion of competition…other social networks will complain to us saying, ‘Why not us?’” Do you agree with the ban? Or will it do more harm than good? Let us know below!

Speaking of Facebook…if you’re an avid user of the social networkjuggernaut, then you’re familiar with photos and tagging yourself or an individual within one. Well have you seen the facial recognition that has been implemented for tagging by default? The new feature allows Facebook to utilize its facial recognition technology and tag you and others, by suggestion, in existing or new photos. While this may be another advancement in technology by Facebook, this definitely raises privacy concerns amongst users. If this raises concerns with your privacy, then here’s how to disable the feature!

In much lighter news, an unlikely team up between McDonalds and iPhone has sparked some creative marketing buzz. If you happen to be in Stockholm, Sweden and love playing the classic arcade game, ‘Pong‘, then you’re in luck! By entering a special URL onto your phone and confirming that you’re in close proximity, you can participate in the game via a billboard. If you last 30 seconds without defeat, then you win a coupon for a delicious treat at a participating McDonalds!

Now that you’ve seen the awesome and not-so-great ways companies have been “buzzing” around this week, Serendipit wants to provide you with some companies that are using social media for a good media buzz! Thanks to Mashable, we’re able to provide you with the top 9 lessons from successful brands on Twitter.

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