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Tumblr Surpasses Pinterest in Viewership

-Tumblr Surpasses Pinterest in Viewership-

Tumblr is breaking new ground and re-entering the social media battle. 

Pinterest entered the social media world with a bang and definitely set many records that few thought would ever be broken. Similar to Pinterest, Tumblr is heavily focused on images, but the sharing site has been around for so long without ever posing as a direct competitor to any of the other social figure heads. In the past year, Tumblr’s unique visitor count has increased by 100%, according to Marketing Land. This is a very strong increase brought on by an increase in search traffic.

As of July 2012, Tumblr reached 26.9 million unique visitors, surpassing Pinterest’s 23 million visitor count. Now, all there is to do is watch and see if this current position will stand the test of time. Pinterest has held onto their leading position for quite some time now and it is surprising to see Tumblr take the lead for number of visitors.

According to Daily Dot, Tumblr is the host for 74 million blogs and 31 billion posts. The social sharing site continues to receive 100,000 new blogs everyday! With this in mind, there is a large amount of potential for businesses to optimize on Tumblr, if it fits within their target market. The key with Tumblr is making your brand stand out amongst the crowd, all while telling a story.

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