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Did you ever think you could get $37,000 off of one tweet? Well, maybe if you’re a celebrity who gets paid to tweet about a brand or product but if you’re not and you’re a student, then the University of Iowa has got that kind of dough set aside for you. That’s the price of a full scholarship at the University of Iowa’s business school and it goes to the student with the best tweet in response to “What makes you an exceptional TippieMBA candidate and full-time MBA hire?” It seems many others are employing the same methods of winning a scholarship, including Kentucky Fried Chicken, who is offering a $20,000 scholarship. There are some who bash the idea, stating that it’s a poor attempt by the university to seem edgy and cool, while others will argue that it’s forcing prospective students to be creative and to get to the point quickly. Do you think this is a great way to give away money for school? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook!

In the tech world, it’s all about image. Apple is one of the greatest examples of this by the way they design and advertise their products, as well as by Steve Jobs’ press conferences. Last week, we talked about Facebook’s big revelation of their team up with Skype and incorporating video chat, now it’s time to take a look at how the big announcement went down in Palo Alto, California – Facebook’s headquarter. Just to get a taste of how it was, here are some comments that popped up on Facebook:

–“omg! I’ll just read about it [later]. This is like water torture.”

–“Someone needs to bump him to get him to stop saying UM”

–“After this, I need an UM detox program…”

Zuckerberg tried to channel his inner Steve Jobs for this press conference and, by paraphrasing its attendees, failed miserably. There are numerous differences between Zuckeberg’s approach and Jobs’ when it came down to presentation and style.  Take home message (though your mom might disagree): Image matters.

Keeping up with the motif of image, do you remember the 2011 Oscars? Do you remember the co-hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco? Ah, now comes the flood of bad memories about the award ceremony and its co-host James Franco. Well since that awful night, Franco has been tight lipped towards all the negative responses and criticism…until now. In the Interview by Playboy Magazine, Franco “doesn’t want to point fingers”… but quickly does by blaming first and foremost the writers, followed by every other person possible, except for himself. Franco becomes an open book for Playboy Magazine and let’s loose with his side of the story. He even manages to place some blame on Anne for why he acted so ‘straight’ and lackadaisical. What’s your opinion of Franco’s response or of his performance from so long ago? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook!


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