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Twitter Is Preparing To Debut Video Ads

Serendipit takes a look at Twitter, as the platform prepares for a new update that includes video ads

Video is proving to be a successful medium when attracting your audience on social media. Facebook recently added video advertising to the News Feed in an effort to attract more user attention. Twitter is now joining the trend. Video is one of the best ways to engage with your audience, and can be a major tool for your student housing property.

Twitter is beginning to beta test promoted videos on desktop and mobile. Select brands, publishers, and select users are among the first few who are able to upload and share videos that play directly on a users timeline. These ‘Video Cards’ are similar to Twitter Cards, they just add the element of video into the promoted post. Early findings have shown that videos on Twitter have resulted in higher engagement and higher views.

Your student housing property could use a video card to preview your new leasing office, teasers of a virtual tour, or even when showcasing an amenity. The video ads will be charged on a cost-per-view model and will provide access to analytics that detail users viewing habits.

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