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Updating Live from SMAZ!

Well, are you ready for it? Right now, you’re about to read the very first Serendipit post updated live from not only a social media event, but also from an iPhone! First, we would like to recognize Social Media AZ for doing a superb job at their events. Next, for those not currently in attendance we’d like to give a little sneak peak at one of the presentations currently happening, courtesy of bulbstorm.

The photo above shows one of the slides presented on the topic of Busting Facebook Myths. We don’t want to give away the full presentation, but enjoy a few takeaways:
1. MYTH: My contest will go viral.
2. MYTH: The bigger the prize, the bigger the event.
3. MYTH: Neo-Nazis will infiltrate your content.
4. MYTH: Screw the rules, I’ll just run the promotion on my wall.

Naturally, these are just meant as a quick teaser for those who were not able to attend. Have questions? Please contact us! We appreciate the knowledge we obtain at these events, and we would love to share!


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