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How to Use Pinterest for Real Estate

How to Use Pinterest for Real Estate

Learn how to effectively use Pinterest to target the real estate market.

A real estate agent’s images are an essential tool to their business as is their marketing. One digital communication trend that is currently on the rise integrates branding opportunities and visuals to gain maximum exposure.

Enter Pinterest. A website used to share photos on an organized and virtual pin board. According to The Huffington Post, Pinterest receives almost 1.5 million visitors each day and receives more referral traffic to other sites than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. Users can pin, “like” pins, comment, and re-pin your images. With this many clicks and potential traffic across your boards, utilizing Pinterest for your real estate business will allow you to gain maximum exposure and connect you with prospective buyers. Use these tips to boost your real estate business through Pinterest.

  • Give a Tour Guide of the Community: Demonstrate the best and most popular things to do around your city, such as annual/holiday events, dog parks, shopping, top rated restaurants, museums, and sporting arenas. This will lure potential buyers to want to purchase a home in your area.
  • Showcase your Listings: An effective way to market your listing is to pin the best quality photos of each home and always include a link to your personal real estate website.
  • Include Staging Ideas and Interior Decorator Ideas: One of the most popular uses of Pinterest is for home décor inspiration. Therefore, pin photos from Interior Designer websites like HGTV Design Star, Brittany Simon’s. Give recommendations in the comment area for potential home sellers. Remember to always give credit to your source.
  • Provide Moving Day Tips: Offer information regarding preparing a home for a move-whether it is a small condo or large family home. Provide specifics to ensure that you care for your client’s move even after you sell or help them purchase their new home.
  • Make it Personal: Make your pin board more personal by adding photos of yourself with a short background on each photo. Also provide photos and memories of your staff.  You could also use this board to thank your clients and share their success home buying/selling stories.

Using these tips, dive in and begin maximizing your real estate business’s social media presence using Pinterest. Serendipit Consulting has experience building out Pinterest boards. Check out our clients Rick Beck Real Estate and The Cove’s Pinterest. Call us today to see how we can impact your business using social media platforms, such as Pinterest.