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Use Social Media to Find New Prospects

With social media being a significant part of a company’s marketing efforts, there is a great deal of pressure on businesses to evaluate their social media attempts. Everyone is eager to learn the ROI, but how many prospects and eventual customers does social media marketing really create for your brand?


Using the popular social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin, here are some tips on how to find new prospects fast!

  • Twitter– The search function on Twitter is the easiest way for businesses to find potential new customers. Using industry specific terms, create three to four keywords and search them using different variations. Create a list of people that you believe would generate leads and start interacting with them!
  • Facebook: According to HubSpot, “52% of all marketers sourced a lead from Facebook in 2013.” Thanks to Facebook’s new search option, graph search, finding future prospects has become easier. Using similar but longer keywords that were used in your Twitter search, begin looking for possible Facebook prospects. You can then message those potential customers as well as “like” their page.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest has become a great tool for marketers to gain customers through social media. HubSpot reported “9% of marketers found a customer from Pinterest.” That number may seem small, but it accounts for a large amount of profits for companies. When finding prospects on Pinterest, add hashtags to the same search terms you used for Twitter. You can then begin following and pinning from those possible customers.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn generated prospects for about 43% of marketers. By joining and interacting with groups or people found in those groups, it is simple for marketers to gain new followers and customers.


Curious how your business can use social media to create new prospects and clients? Contact the social media pros at Serendipit Consulting to help get your business going!

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