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Using Snapchat for Your Student Housing Property

Using Snapchat as a Tool for Your Student Housing Property

Snapchat is the most popular photo and video sharing service in the world, with users sending more than 400 million “snaps” per day.  This gives Snapchat extreme potential for driving new leases.  The most devoted users of Snapchat are 18-29 year olds, which makes it one of the most valuable social media tools for your student housing property.

Here are a few tips on how to effectively use Snapchat as a marketing tool to increase lease percentage at your student housing property:

One way Snapchat can be used at your Student Housing Property is to build buzz and to offer unique content and contests. Use it to give students an incentive to be a part of your Snapchat community, like entering all of your Snapchat “friends” into a raffle and promoting Snapchat-only giveaways.

Another tactic is to give sneak peaks of your property using Snapchat. Invite your current residents and potential new residents to your upcoming events with a preview “snap” of the event’s invitation. If you are a new student housing property, pique interest in a visually engaging way by using Snapchat to unveil your community’s ammenties and update potential residents on the construction process.

One last way to use Snapchat as a marketing tool for your student housing property is to promote on current social media sites. Drive Snapchat opt-ins by promoting your Snapchat account across all social media sites and announcing the unique Snapchat contests, giveaways, and unveilings you are doing.  By tapping into Snapchat, you will hit your key demographic in a unique and buzzworthy way.

Snapchat is an integral part of today’s Millennial generation and how they communicate…don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the conversation and position your community as the most social media savvy!

Looking for assistance on how to position your Student Housing property to drive up new leases? Contact us today!


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