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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Tech Talk

Valentine’s Day Tech Talk

Serendipit Consulting gives you the ultimate one-liners to share with the techie in your life.

In the digital industry, tech humor can get you a long way, but tech humor in the form of love? Talk about the way to a techie’s heart! In light of tomorrow’s holiday of love, we have provided you with the best one-liners to share with the tech lover in your life. For even more Valentine’s Day tech humor, take a look on Mashable!

  • “I will boost your SEO by EOD.”
  • “You’re the only ROI I need.”
  • “Forget the cloud, you store my heart on cloud 9.”
  • “Strategically, this would be the optimum time to merge.”

Those are a few of our tech one-liners for this Valentine’s Day! Which one is your favorite? Share with us, we would love to hear!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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