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Vote for Serendipit in AZ Foothills Best of Our Valley

Make Serendipit Great Again.

We like to think of ourselves as the Leonardo DiCaprio of the agency world. Unbelievably talented, incredibly good-looking, fantastic at our chosen career path, recipient of many awards…yet for some reason, had never won an Oscar. In our case, that Oscar is AZ Foothills Best of Our Valley. Well, Leo took home his Oscar this year and now it’s our turn. With your help, and votes, we’ll take home all the hardware.

Voting is simple… the Serendipit babies have even mastered it. All you need to do is login via Facebook or Google+, claim you’re not a robot, and hit vote. You can vote once a day and voting ends on Wednesday, November 30.

Remember to vote everyday!

Serendipit Nominations:
Best PR/Marketing Firm: Boutique
Best PR/Marketing Firm: Large
Best Social Networking and Online Media Firm
Best Female PR: Melissa DiGianfilippo
Best Marketing Professional: Alexis Krisay

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