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Twitter Announces New Website Cards

Twitter Ads Preview Company’s Website

Serendipit Consulting covers the newest changes to Twitter Ads.


With Twitter’s social base increasing daily, the social network had been making big strides to improve their ad platform providing the best service options for businesses. Last Friday, They announced that to start off their ad overhaul they would be releasing “Website Cards.” This ad option will showcase a “small photo, a line of text, and a URL to an advertiser’s webpage.” Since users are more likely to click on a Tweet if there is an image, Twitter feel that this mix of an image and Call to Action will send more traffic to the advertiser’s website.




In a statement released by Twitter, the company stated, “this card allows users to easily discover interesting content while giving advertisers the ability to drive a higher volume of URL clicks.” The new ads are now visible on Twitter Timelines worldwide, and this is just the beginning. Twitter is planning nearly 12 additional ad units, which will also include the “possibility of shopable tweets.”


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