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Weekly Wrap Up: Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas Your Customers will Gobble Up

Serendipit shares the importance of celebrating Thanksgiving Day itself through your marketing efforts.

Most marketers go straight to Black Friday and Cyber Monday and whizz right by Thanksgiving Day. We suggest taking this time to relate to your customers, as Thanksgiving presents a big opportunity for fun branding activities.

Curate a Thanksgiving themed board on Pinterest

Pinterest boards are very easy to set up and if done right can drive engagement and traffic to your website. Consider sharing follower’s favorite table setting ideas or tasty recipes as well as mix in your brand’s products or services if relevant.

Run a Social Media Sweepstakes

Be in the giving mood this Thanksgiving and run a social media sweepstakes. Your fans will think it’s thoughtful and it’s a great way to boost your audience size while getting a positive engagement.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Join in on the action while live tweeting during the parade. By using brand relevant tweets and appropriate hashtags you can quickly reach and gain new followers.

Be the First
Get a jump-start on your competition by unveiling your Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving Day.

Let the Holiday season begin! Need help mastering your brand’s marketing plan? Call Serendipit today!


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