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Welcome back to the weekly wrap-up –  keeping you updated on the weekly news that matters to you!

Let’s start with Hurricane Irene, the catastrophic storm that’s about to sweep the eastern seaboard. This category 2 system has been eye-balling the coast of North Carolina for the past few days and is reported to strike land early Saturday morning. Live updates on the progress of Irene can be tracked here. Hoping for the best for our East Coast friends!

According to Reuters, news of hurricane Irene has sent North Carolina, New York, and others into states of emergency.  Several evacuations have been issued for more than 55 million people. So how will this hurricane affect marketing, social media, and public relations? Fletcher Prince has already answered that question and provided 10 ways that communicators can prepare for hurricane Irene.

Next up we have Apple’s changing of the guard. On Thursday, beloved CEO and Apple founder Steve Jobs stepped down and was replaced by former COO Tom Cook. Although mourning for this industry guru will inevitably ensue, no real worry is necessary because Jobs will still be very much involved in the direction of the company. In all honesty, Jobs deserves this break. He’s suffered from pancreatic cancer since 2004, and one can tell by just looking at him, that he has given himself completely to ensure that Apple will continue on the successful path he paved.

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