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Weekly Wrap-Up: 5 Apps to Boost Productivity

Serendipit shares five apps that can help you manage your workload and boost productivity in the office.

Happy Friday! How much did you get done in the workplace this week? We’ve found a few apps that can make your workload seem a bit easier to manage – and maybe you’ll be able to accomplish even more by next Friday.

Mailbox: From the creators of Dropbox, the purpose of this free email app is to organize your messages and help you to zero out your inbox. You can delete, archive, save for later, or store in a folder with customizable gestures. Going through those unorganized emails may be quite a feat, but if it means reaching Inbox Zero? It might be worth it.

IFTTT “IF” and “DO” IFTTT has been getting a lot of buzz. Meaning “If This Then That” (rhymes with “gift”), each app allows you to create “recipes” – for example “if” I post a picture to Instagram, “then” save to Dropbox. IFTTT recently introduced “DO recipes” which allow you to create your own buttons to program time-saving functions such as posting photos directly to a Facebook album. You can now download both “IF” and “DO“ in the App Store and on Google Play.

Pocket: This app has been around for a bit but can still be a great way to boost productivity. Come across an article that you want to read or video that you want to see while you’re working? You can “save” it to Pocket for later and access it from your phone or another computer. You can even add tags to categorize your saved content. And the best part? It’s free!

Clear: This is a fun to-do list app where users can create multiple to-do lists and sync them on multiple devices. You can choose a variety of color themes to organize your lists and various gestures to remove or “cross off” tasks on the list (plus it makes a fun sound when you do!). The only downside is that it’s only available on Apple devices and it doesn’t come free – it’s $4.99.

Forest: For those who are visual and distracted by their phones, Forest is a fun way to stay on task for just 99 cents. To help you focus, you use the app to plant a virtual tree that takes 30 minutes to grow. However, if you leave the app, you kill the tree. Stay focused and grow a little forest at the same time!

What apps do you use to boost productivity? Let us know on Twitter @Serendipit!

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