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Weekly Wrap-up: What is your Spirit Animal

To American veterans and their families – no words can sum up our gratitude for your dedication and service. Thank you for your courage, your valor and the sacrifices you have made for our country.


Have you ever wanted to prove to your friends that yes, the force is with you? Look no further, Simply Lockscreen is here to help you do just that. This awesome app lets users lock their screen with a customizable screen that can feature the time, weather, location, battery power, etc. What sets it apart is the fact that users can use the “jedi force” when unlocking their phone.

Flyer Forward-
Okay…so this isn’t really a flyer. It’s a funny infographic from The Big Orange Slide. Do you think this really is the “anatomy of an agency”?

-Flash of Fun-
One of our associates absolutely loves video games and insisted this be included in this week’s wrap-up.

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