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Weekly Wrap-Up: A Few of Our Favorite Things

Here is your long anticipated weekly wrap-up from the Serendipit team containing all of our favorite things.

Top Social Media Trends:

In honor of our very own new team member, Sassy, (the cutest pug you will ever see) and National Puppy Day, we have listed the top dogs to follow on social media…literally, top dogs.

  1. Boo. He has 3.7 million likes!
  2. Beast. Of course, Mark Zuckerberg’s dog would have to make the list.
  3. Butler Blue II. We like him because he represents die hard mascot fans, which we admire as the marketing team for university housing complexes all over the country. (P.S. We will unveil Fancy the Frog from Coastal Carolina University soon!)

Top Gadget:

As a woman owned and operated PR and marketing firm, we admire gadgets that make our life easier, cater to females and have a great agency behind its campaign. Our gadget pick of the week: Bloomingdale’s Bodymetrics Pod. When standing in the Pod, Kinect for Windows maps out your body to find jeans that fit and flatter your body shape…all in five seconds!

Top Viral Video:

And the winner goes to…Kony 2012! The video is the most watched video in history, with 100 million views. The video began as a controversy, but soon caught like wildfire and inspired millions all over the world. We have been following the up-and-down trends of the video, which you can check out on our Facebook, and we are glad to see that the video has finished on top. This is not only a newsworthy topic, but it illustrates the power (and importance) of organic marketing.

Top IPhone App:

Are you in a long distance relationship? If so, there is good news: There is an app just for you and your lover. The app, Pair, was created by a man in a long distance relationship (awwwww) and is the ultimate networking app for two people. It let’s couples send SMS messages, share locations, to-do lists, drawings, photos and sends “thinking of you” messages…all in one place. Long distance may be hard, but with Pair, it may have become a little bit easier.



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