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Weekly Wrap-Up: All about the iPhone4S

-Tech Time –
The iPhone 4S hit stores today and, like every other Apple release or Harry Potter opening, fans lined up and camped out to get their hands on the coveted smartphone. The Apple store in Los Angeles’ Fairfax district saw more than 200 people waiting, with one fan describing how they had been in line since midnight. The release has garnered a mix of results – many disappointed in Apple for not releasing the iPhone 5, amidst the upgrades of the 4S (the Siri seems awesome!). CNET provided a roundup of analyst comments, many of which criticized Apple’s hype around the release of the 4S. Once again, however, Apple’s brand loyalty shone through – it didn’t stop the true lovers of all things Apple from using PTO and skipping class to obtain the new smartphone. Do you have the new iPhone 4S? What do you think – is it worth the hype?

-App Update –
Thanks to Mashable, you now know the essential apps for your new 4S. The guide suggests the more popular apps, such as Spotify, Tiny Wings and Words With Friends. Other interesting suggestions include Gesundheit! (really, a game about a little pig with allergies?), IntoNow and Hipmunk. What apps have you already downloaded?

-Fashion Forward-
With a new phone comes new-phone fashion sensibility – or make a statement instead! Luckily, the 4S fits iPhone 4 cases. Zazzle has TONS of cases that fits every taste – although, we’re definitely digging this chocolate one. Show us your fun cover!

-Flash of Fun –
We couldn’t resist sharing this video – poking fun at the iPhone 4S release and Portal (if you aren’t familiar with Portal, you need to be!).

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