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Weekly Wrap-Up: All Things Apple

-Weekly Wrap-Up: All Things Apple-

Serendipit Consulting wraps up this week by discussing all things Apple.

This week continues to be filled with Apple media and coverage due to the big launch of the iPhone 5. Have you been able to keep up with all of the news and reviews? Not to worry, we have all the information right here for you.

  • iPhone 5: Recently reported by ABC News, 2 million people have currently ordered the latest iPhone, but is the latest actually the greatest in this case? The lighter and more visably attractive iPhone 5 definitely has its pros, but many are upset over the new charger requirement. Thus, the question remains – should you upgrade to the iPhone 5? A majority of the public feels that if you have the iPhone 4S, upgrading is not entirely necessary, but an upgrade with anything older would be a smart investment. Watch the video below to get an in-depth view of all of the features included in the latest version of the iPhone.
  • Apple Internet Radio: Currenly, Pandora represents 74% of online radio listening, according to Advertising Age. Can Apple create something that is better? Let’s be honest, yes they probably will. Rumors of an Apple Internet Radio platform are in the works, so keep your eyes and ears open.
  • Apple Maps: There are very mixed emotions about the new iOS 6 Maps app for iPhones. Even though it has completely inovated concepts, many people are still hesitant to let go of Google Maps. The one key difference is the satellite technology, reported by Mashable. Apple aquired three mapping companies in order to make their vision come to life. The software enables you to see real life visuals and 3D buildings, while providing detailed directions.
If nothing else, one thing is definitely clear about Apple – they know their audience and they target them better than any other company out there. More power to them! The Serendipit team is full of avid Apple lovers.