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Weekly Wrap-Up: Best Movie Advertisements

We would first like to start this weekly wrap-up by giving our condolences to all of the victims and their families affected by last night’s tragic shooting.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with everyone. Everyone at the Serendipit office is an avid movie goer, so this completely broke our hearts. We are sure this will be an event that will never be forgotten. In light of this traumatic event, we will be wraping up the latest movie advertisements that have created the most social buzz.

This summer blockbuster set the tone for intense plot lines. Currently out in theaters, this movie will definitely result in some major nail biting! The trailer had almost two million views on YouTube.

This movie first launched its viral campaign on TEDTalk and continued the buzz with a Project Prometheus Portal across all social media outlets. This trailer collected over 13 million views on YouTube.

Snow White & The Huntsman
This particular take on the original story generated a good amount of attention surrounding the two main actresses and their fashion sense. Their chemistry on camera is what really brought in the audience.

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