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Weekly Wrap-Up: Commonly Misused Phrases

Weekly Wrap-Up: Commonly Misused Phrases

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with some of the most commonly misused phrases! Some will even surprise you.

Similar to the old game of telephone, some phrases have been misused so many times that the proper phrase has disappeared altogether. She Knows Living recently published an article covering the top phrases you’re probably saying wrong and we are wrapping up some of the most memorable.

      1. Common Use: “I nipped that problem in the butt!” Correct Use: “I nipped that problem in the bud!”
      2. Common Use: “The toddler spilled his milk on accident.” Correct Use: “The toddler spilled his mile by accident.”
      3. Common Use: “I ate too much today. Case and point, I ate out four times.” Correct Use: “I ate too much today. Case in point, I ate out four times.”
      4. Common Use: “You have another thing coming!” Correct Use: “You have another think coming!”
      5. Common Use: “Her hunger pains were unbearable.” Correct Use: “Her hunger pangs were unbearable.”

Did some of these come as a surprise to you? As She Knows Living points out, “Hunger ‘pains’ do not exist; hunger ‘pangs’ do. This is by far one of the most misused phrases of all.” Which of these phrases stood out the most to you? Tweet us your response! @serendipit


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