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Weekly Wrap-Up: Creativity Inspiration

Weekly Wrap-Up: Creativity Inspiration

Contrary to popular belief, creativity is inside of everyone. There are many myths surrounding creativity that impose limits on who can successfully contribute innovative ideas and concepts. The truth is that with the proper training and education, everyone can have a creative mindset.

Following the 10 creativity myths limits your thinking, which breaks creativity’s number one rule. The best ideas come when thoughts are not limited. Give your mind free reign to roam and wander, it could be on the road to something great!

True creativity comes when four components overlap. These components are “domain expertise, a defined creativity methodology, people willing to engage and company acceptance of new ideas.” To be creative means to not be afraid to take risks and potentially fail. Only success can come from failure, so there should be no reason to not go all in with your thoughts and ideas.

The next time you are sitting at your desk, beating your head because you are at a creativity roadblock, don’t blame it on your presumes lack of inabilities as that is not the case at all. Re-evaulate your thought process, remind yourself that the sky’s the limit and get back to the drawing board.

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