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Weekly Wrap-Up: Effective Reporting

Weekly Wrap-Up: Effective Reporting

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with important components to include for effective reporting

At times, the marketing industry leaves marketers with a difficult task of reporting success outside of traditional ROI and sales reporting. In addition to increasing sales and profits, marketing tactics can build overall brand awareness, a brand’s digital reputation and effective communication with consumers. These components need to be included to effectively report all aspects of the marketing efforts executed for the client.

For example, social media engagement drives customer service and will increase a brand’s overall reputation by consistently responding to followers’ questions and comments. Hubspot recently put out an e-book discussing effective reporting tools and we have wrapped up a few key components that we find especially effective.

  • SEO – With SEO, it is important to cover the increases of site traffic generated from SEO changes made, as well as the specific keywords targeted. It is also effective to align these components with the actual rankings of the site.
  • Blogs – By including strong call to actions within the blogs, you can relate blogs back to leads generated. This is important for measuring the content produced from the blogs. In addition, you want to report how many blogs were posted, which ones had the most views and any positive comments.
  • Social Media – In addition to increases in community followers, reporting engaging conversations and overall “talking about” numbers will help show the social influence.

Hubspot is a great example of software that enables reporting of these components, as well as many more. Do you need help putting your marketing goals into action? Contact us at Serendipit Consulting to take the next step.

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