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Weekly Wrap-Up: Engaging Platforms that are in the Works

This past year, Pinterest has taken the social media portal by storm. What started out as an engaging, photo-sharing site among friends and the community has transformed into a strong referral outlet utilized by businesses across the globe. One of the key factors resulting in Pinterest’s heavy referral traffic is the useage of the site as a mobile application. A previous study showed the continuous increase in mobile users, resulting in an increase in online engagement through the use of smart phones.

The following are mobile platforms preparing to launch, or that have previously launched, that businesses should utilize in addition to current online marketing.

  1. Path: This oulet takes social media to a very intimate level, creating an “online journal,” as Mashable says, for users to share with an extremely small community of no more than 150 followers. At the same time, Path still allows for your content to be shared across Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare, if you choose to do so. This tool screams brand awareness because exclusivity is a hard characteristic to come by. Path enables brands to share offers with only their “VIP” fans encompassing an audience of 150 solely by mobile use. This is a great app to link with Facebook contests in order to reward and target the fans your brand wishes to engage with most.
  2. Pinwheel: Combining FourSquare and Facebook capabilities, this platform is currently in their beta trial, but has already generated a lot of buzz in the social media world! Pinwheel not only utilizes geolocation tools when checking in members, but also allows for tagging, sharing and photo/story uploading among members. This is a great tool for businesses to include in their marketing plan because the site enables businesses to create sponsored notes and challenges for the Pinwheel community to engage in.
  3. Pinstagram: Created earlier this week, Pinstagram takes Instagram to the next level, which introduces many opportunites for businesses to take advantage of. Pinstagram introduces Instagram as an online site with the layout of Pinterest. With a branded Pinstagram account, followers will become familier with your brand’s “personality” and feel encouraged to engage.
  4. Wikidata: Reviewed by the Fast Company this week, Wikidata is set to launch August 2012. The Wikidata layout completely inovates and streamlines the Wikipedia process.

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