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Weekly Wrap-Up: Engaging Social Media Campaigns

-Engaging Social Media Campaigns-

Serendipit Consulting Provides you with a Wrap-Up of Engaging Social Media Campaigns.

Successful social media campaigns are all about the conversation. Engaging with your followers, in order to gain their trust, is the first step to starting the conversation. Each follower wants to be thought of as an individual by brands, not just a part of a target audience. It is important to consistenty strategize your social media content so that it reaches each member of your target audience. Here are a few engaging social media campaigns that continue to be successful and memorable.

  1. Red Bull: They do a great job of visually representing their brand’s personality. They post about extreme sports and continuously target a younger, thrill-seeking audience. Their audience responds and looks to their company for more than solely energy drinks.
  2. Heinz Beanz: Their most recent social media campaign is unlike any other. Their campaign platform includes a “Bean” Personality Quiz, which customizes which type of bean you would be out of their five options. All of the quiz takers are then entered in to be sent a personalized bean with their name on it. Heinz chooses a winner every hour and has created quite the anticipation for beans!
  3. Coke Zero: They use great branding techniques to attract their followers and stimulate conversation. They also consistently represent each new campaign across all media outlets.
  4. Sephora: Sephora completely revamped their entire brand personality and gave their social media platform a facelift with their 15 Days of Beauty Thrills campaign. While they feature products on their page, they do it in a “non-salesy” way that doesn’t scare off their followers. They  feature “Fan Fridays” as an app on their page, which gives exclusive deals to those who view it each Friday. This creates a sense of exclusivity and brand loyalty.

While each of these brands are all obviously very large, they should stand as an example for every other social media campaign being implemented. Engagement is the most important feature to achieve because word of mouth is undoubtedly the best form of marketing.