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Weekly Wrap Up: Facebook Adds New Messenger App

Serendipit takes a look at Facebook’s new Messenger app, and why you might soon be downloading it

You may have already noticed that you are not be able to see your Facebook messages when using the mobile app, and if you can currently see them it won’t be for much longer. Earlier this year, Facebook introduced a separate app to support messaging called Facebook Messenger. While the app did not used to be mandatory, Facebook is now beginning to require the switch in order to use the messaging feature. The change, which will roll out to users over the next few weeks, will affect iPhone and Android users, iPad and Windows Phones will not be forced to change.

With this update, Facebook users will need to download the Facebook Messenger app in order to view Facebook messages from your iPhone or Android device..

Facebook has been gradually prompting users to download the new Facebook Messenger app in an effort to promote the new change, though many Facebook users still have access to their messages from inside the existing Facebook mobile app,

Although Facebook users have been unhappy about the forced switch, Facebook promises switching to the Facebook Messenger app will benefit users with faster and easier messaging. The Facebook Messenger app is currently the most downloaded app in the app store, with a one star rating.


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