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Weekly Wrap-Up: Facebook Announces FB Newswire

Weekly Wrap-Up: Facebook Announces FB Newswire

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with Facebook’s new platform: FB Newswire.


This week, Facebook announced that is was going to start appealing to journalists in a new way never seen by a social platform before.  FB Newswire is a new service available that assembles the latest news from around the world using a verification process. To ensure that every post that is offered on the site is legitimate, Facebook teamed up with Storyful. Storyful gathers content from all social media platforms and then assesses whether or not it is permissible article. “The FB Newswire content will be collected from status updates shared publicly by the social network’s users and companies, and include everything from photos to videos to text.”


As Facebook struggles to keep up with Twitter’s growing popularity for finding news, they hope that providing validated social news will separate themselves from Twitter’s popularity for real-time news updates.


What do you think about Facebook’s new move? We want to hear how this will change the game for finding news through social media. Comment below or tweet us at @Serendipit.



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