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Weekly Wrap-Up: Facebook Hashtags & Engagement

Weekly Wrap-Up: Facebook Hashtags and Engagement

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with an inside look at the use of Facebook hashtags and the engagement that they drive. 

Facebook hashtags, you either hate them or you love them. According to Simply Measured, nearly 20% of all Facebook posts are now incorporating clickable hashtags. Where the question lies, is whether or not these hashtags hold any meaning for consumers on Facebook.

Although the use of hashtags on Facebook is similar to that of Twitter, research shows that the purpose behind hashtags hasn’t completely caught on to the Facebook fan base yet and the hashtags haven’t really driven any additional engagement for brands.

Will Facebook hashtags eventually catch on? We think so. In the mean time, keep using them and remember that just because the hashtags you choose to use may be the same for a post on Facebook and a tweet on Twitter, it is much more effective if you post to each platform separately. The hashtags on Facebook do not link through to Twitter and will not give the same effectiveness if the two accounts are linked and you only post to one.

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