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Weekly Wrap Up: Facebook Introducing Animated Profile Pictures

Serendipit discusses one of Facebook’s recent changes to allow users to upload short videos as profile pictures.

Facebook announced this week that they will soon be allowing you to upload short video clips as your profile picture. The clips will run as a loop when a user visits your profile page. The videos will not run on your newsfeed and video length is limited to seven seconds.

This move is not surprising given the growing popularity of apps such as Snapchat and Vine, the frequent sharing of gifs on sites such as Tumblr and Reddit, and the increasing video presence on Facebook itself.

The changes started rolling out this Wednesday in California and the UK and will continue to roll out slowly.

In addition, your profile picture will now be centered on mobile, and Facebook is introducing a one-line bio that you can be customized, much like Twitter. It’s clear that Facebook is allowing a bit more creative freedom by implementing these changes and it will be interesting to see where Facebook goes from here.

What do you think of the new feature? Are you a fan or is it a little too Harry Potter for your liking? Let us know! Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @Serendipit!

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