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Weekly Wrap-Up: Facebook News Feed Update

Weekly Wrap-Up: Facebook News Feed Update

Serendipit wraps up the week with a look at the latest Facebook news feed update.

Facebook is at it again. Another update has been introduced to the platform’s news feed and this time, it is specifically important for businesses to be aware of.

The social network has updated the algorithm currently being used to rank the position of posts being posted by fan pages. The following components will now determine post placement for businesses:

      • The number of likes that the post gets
      • The number of comments
      • The number of shares

Prior to this update, when a user would refresh their news feed, the most recent posts would appear – regardless of the number of interactions it had received. Now, depending on the amount of engagement, older posts will be shown higher on the news feed than the more recent posts, if the older posts have a greater amount of likes, comments and shares.

This new algorithm stresses the importance of social engagement for businesses. Do you need help elevating your business’ social reputation? Contact our team of social experts today.

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