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Weekly Wrap-Up: Facebook Reach Update

Weekly Wrap-Up: Facebook Reach Update

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with a closer look at the most recent Facebook reach updates.

With Facebook’s algorithm changing so frequently, it is important to fully understand how to best use the platform in order to receive optimum reach for your company’s Facebook fan page.

The most recent Facebook reach update enables for your company’s fan page to reach a much larger audience than ever before by tagging another company fan page in a specific post. For example, as Mashable explains, “…a [Facebook fan] Page post that tags Google could appear in front of thousands, if not millions of additional users. (Google has more than 15 million users who have Liked its page).” This is based on the fact that now, if you tag another company fan page in your post, your post will appear in the newsfeed of the followers of the tagged company (i.e., Google).

This is extremely beneficial for company’s to take advantage of in order to increase the Facebook reach of a specific post by an impressive amount.

Are you planning to integrate this new strategy into your social postings? Tweet us your thoughts! @serendipit

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