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Weekly Wrap Up: Facebook Reactions Are Coming To Your Newsfeed

Serendipit discusses the impact of Facebook’s upcoming feature, Reactions.

Many have demanded that Facebook create a dislike button for quite some time now and Facebook is finally responding. Well, sort of.

Facebook is introducing “Reactions,” which is a series of emoji-based responses to content on your newsfeed. Now, instead of simply giving a “like” with the thumbs-up icon, you will be able to choose from seven different feelings to respond with corresponding emojis. You can now respond with a Like, Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad, or Angry “reaction” to posts, photos, and videos.

Facebook Reactions will eventually be unveiled to all users, but it is currently being tested in Ireland and Spain.

A key reason for Facebook to develop Reactions versus a dislike button is that now users can express a whole range of emotion, as opposed to “I like this” or “I don’t like this.” It allows users to express empathy for sad situations so users won’t be torn between liking versus disliking a post.

The idea has been met with some criticism, however. In some ways, there are now almost too many options to choose from so it is possible that users will not bother to respond at all. Additionally, it is possible that users could sarcastically respond to posts in a lot of ways, impacting the legitimacy of feedback for the post.

What does this mean for marketers? It means that collecting analytical data from a Facebook page suddenly got a whole lot more complicated. Now instead of reviewing engagement as likes, comments, and shares, one has to account for an additional 6 possible reactions and figure out what that means for your brand. Different reactions will be desired by different brands depending on the content that one is posting so your strategies may have to become more specific.

Serendipit is always ahead of the curve when it comes to impactful changes to social media platforms. That’s why we’re experts at managing brands’ accounts across various sites. Need help improving your online presence? Contact our team today for a free consultation at 602-283-5209.

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