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Weekly Wrap-Up: Facebook Updates Promotion Feature

-Facebook Update-

Facebook continues to upgrade its social network and this time the changes benefit the admin users of business pages. Engagement has always been a deciding factor to a business’s success on Facebook and now the measuring capabilities of the engagement have improved an enormous amount.

Now you are able to see exactly how many of your fans have been reached by each post and the percentage of your total fans that percentage equals out to.

This enables you to visually keep track of the types of posts that are the most interactive among your fans and therefore most engaging. You can then customize your posts to be the best fit for your target audience and the most efficient for your brand. In addition, you can see how many of a post’s views are directly seen from your fans’ newsfeed and how many are seen by being shared among your fan base.

Using the example above, that post was viewed by 442 fans 333 of which directly came up on news feeds and the remaining 110 seen from the post being shared and commented on by the fans and thus including their followers as well.

Facebook has also implemented a new feature making them some money as well. Now you can pay $5 to “promote” a certain status to have it viewed above all others in your fans’ news feeds.

Although this is an enticing feature in order to stand out among competition, it is not necessarily recommended. By paying to have posts reach a higher audience, your viewers will see a “promoted” icon under the post and in some ways, not necessarily discredit, but think differently about the post. Consumers and followers on social media platforms enjoy engaging with the brand and feeling as if they play a small role. Paying to promote posts takes away that personal factor that Facebook previously encompassed.

As iMedia Connection points out, “What would your reaction be if a friend paid to promote his or her own Facebook status update? Would that be going over-board or would there be instances where that would be a reasonable option?”

Every brand is unique with  many different types of followers, so it is important to decide how promoting posts would be perceived by your company’s particular fan base.

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