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Weekly Wrap-Up: Farewell August, Hello September!

Here at Serendipit, we love social media (in case you couldn’t tell). With the start of September, we decided to take a look at some of the best videos from August.

“My Apologies, Sir.”
Last week, we showcased some tweets that had created a buzz in the media. One of those tweets was from Andy Levy, a commentator on the Fox News Channel. What started as a mere joke on Twitter turned into a full-blown berating of Andy Levy by Chris Brown’s fans. In response to both Chris Brown and his followers, Andy Levy released an “apology,” on-air. Hilarious as it might be, do you think he went too far?

Smart Marketing
What do you get when you combine Volkswagen and Norway? An awesome marketing campaign. For the new Golf BlueMotion, the folks over in Norway created “BlueMotion Roulette.” An entire route was turned into a virtual roulette board that the car would roam around until it ran out of fuel. Viewers were invited to visit the website and claim a spot where they thought the car would run out of fuel. This not only drove traffic to the site and created buzz around the vehicle’s gas mileage, but it created top-of-mind association to the amount of miles the car could travel on a single tank of gas.

Faster than the speed of…earthquakes?
Twitter has a funny sense of humor when it comes to their marketing. In this promotional video, Twitter refers to the earthquake in Washington DC and how it took 30 seconds to travel to New York.

The Wall Street Journal Blog had an interesting post on social networking going scary. We came across this video that we feel rings true – social media has become a part of our relationships!

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