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Weekly Wrap-Up: Futuristic Gadgets to Make Life Easier

Futuristic technology has moved way past the idea of robots doing the housework for us, and has now entered a new realm of fun and exciting gizmos to make our lives even easier. This week we are wrapping up all of the extreme, note-worthy products that are available, or soon-to-be, for everyday use.

Combine the idea of Redbox and Papa Johns Hot & Ready to create the ultimate Pizza Vending Machine! This little beauty bakes an entire pizza in two and a half minutes with the push of a button. Currently in Europe, we will be seeing this miniature pizza factory in the U.S. relatively soon. The machine kneads the dough, adds the sauce and layers your choice of three toppings to be baked all for the small price of $6.

Hello Kitty, move over. This new phone charm embodies life-saving technology in mobile form. Let’s face it, our cell phones have taken on an important role in our lives, and are pretty much attached to our hips.  This phone charm will thus also be by our side at all times, and contain important medical information such as blood type, allergies, X-rays and medical records.

Cameras will soon be a thing of the past. Ever wish you could snap a photo exactly how you see it? Google scientist posted a photo of his son this week that stirred quite the commotion based on the accuracy of the shot. Come to find, it was taken with the Google Glasses.

The bedroom is a sanctuary for many people, where they are able to kick-back and relax. Imagine if your bed consisted of a full-fledge entertainment system right at your finger tips. The HiCan bed features a projection screen with integrated movies and gaming, lighting capabilities to control the blinds in your home, as well as built in shades to completely escape from the outside world.


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