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Weekly Wrap-up: Halloween Tricks and Treats

Google+…a name that hasn’t been seen in quite awhile on our blog! To celebrate the release of their Creative Kit feature, Google+ executives gave themselves a spooky makeover. Google+ users can use the social network’s kit to creepify themselves and if they add #gplushalloween, they will be automatically entered into the Google+ photo contest…which will be judged by a celebrity panel! Start spooking those pictures!

-App Update-
Will your children be trick-or-treating with their friends this year and don’t want lame old mom and dad cramping their style? Don’t fret – geo-location applications to the rescue! Our favorite is the Trick or Tracker application for Android smartphones that, when installed on both a parent’s and child’s cellphone, keeps parent’s updated on their child’s location. After selecting a time interval, the application will send a text message after each interval. Parents can even set up a “geo-fence” and receive an alert if the child goes out of the area. Check out more geo-applications for Halloween here.

-Food Forward-
Here at Serendipit headquarters, we can’t get over delicious food, let alone themed food. Throwing a Halloween party and need some last-minute snack ideas? Check out these horrifying treats from These foods aren’t just for kids – and definitely aren’t for the faint of heart!

-Flash of Fun-
Take this lollipop…we dare you. Guaranteed to freak you out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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