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Weekly Wrap-Up: How to use the new Facebook

-New Facebook Update-

Facebook is continuing to add many additions to the structure and ability of the social media outlet. The Timeline component, being one of the first new additions, has expanded to the company business pages as well, which is AMAZING for businesses involved in social media and looking to connect with their audience. We have broken down the key strategies to implement in your new facebook plan and how to successfully use the updates! Our friends at Aquarian Media Group also did a great job of summarizing the new facebook layout for additional guidance on this new endeavor.

Timeline Format

This change, being the most visual, will be the most obvious change to your business page. The cover photo is the large image at the top and will be the immediate impression given off to your new and existing fans. The custom tabs that were on the left side of the original Facebook outline will now be directly under the cover photo, and the page posts will now be listed in a 2 column format.
With this new layout, it is crucial to keep in mind customization. Your cover photo should not only be creative, but it should tell your audience WHO your business is and WHAT you specialize in. Also, if you have not included custom tabs in the past, now would be the ideal time to do so. These tabs encourage further interaction with your followers beyond solely your facebook page. Consider tools such as contests, give-a-ways, etc. to build your fan loyalty and database.

Business Interaction
One of the more exciting components for the new Facebook is that business pages can finally communicate back and tag their fans in posts! There is a slight catch, the fans have to message your business page first. This is an important element to consider because the fan messages will need to be monitored, and if you decide to exercise this addition we recommend creating a policy that dictates the time allowed to reply to these messages in order to keep the communication consistent.
Post Approval
There will no longer be a need to worry about people posting unwanted content to your page because this change will enable admins to approve any content being posted to their page before it becomes public. With that being said, there is also added responsibility for your page to create a visually appealing source of content. The new layout is designed for maximum engagement and increased involvement, so begin using more photos and videos to catch the attention of your audience.

Facebook Offers
Facebook now allows you to offer specials or coupons to your fans directly through your page making it easy for you to manage instead of outsourcing to downloaded applications and sites. Make sure that the special offer you choose to represent is something intriguing and worth while. Put yourself in your fans’ shoes and come up with an offer to, not only thank them for their loyalty, but increase their involvement with your brand.

All of these fun & exciting additions will become live on March 30th so start getting used to the flow and play around with creative ideas. If you feel overwhelmed or stuck, we can help your brand create a strategy and transfer the information all before the launch! Check out our Newsletter for the step-by-step process of all this information.

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  • Aquarian Media Group

    Great content SERENDIPiT gals! Look forward to seeing your client’s newly designed pages!

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