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Weekly Wrap-Up: Instagram Sets Records & Google Announces Glasses

Instagram, a free photo sharing mobile application, was released for Androids on Google Play for the first time this week. Originally exclusive to iPhones, Instagram allows users to share photos on a social network – the world’s largest mobile-based social network, in fact.  The app has an estimated user base of over 25 million, and this number is quickly on the rise since the introduction to non-iPhone users.

Android users signed up in droves to be notified of the day when Instagram would finally be available. Around 430,000 users preregistered in March for the app, which shattered records with an estimate anywhere between 1 and 5 million downloads within 24 hours.

Bringing Instagram to Androids isn’t all that Google has been up to this week. A new page arrived on Google+ called Project Glass by a group of Google developers as they create the first pair of glasses which can eventually replace smartphones.

A video was released showing a day in the near future of your life with Google’s futuristic glasses. With a nod of the head, the user checks the weather, answers messages, takes pictures, and goes through the day without having to look at a phone once.

After one day, the Project Glass video has almost 2 million views on Youtube….and plenty of parodies.

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