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Weekly Wrap-Up: Instagram Video Updates

Weekly Wrap-Up: Updates to Instagram Video

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with a look at the latest updates from Instagram video.

Instagram has done it again – this photo sharing app is on a roll for introducing surprising new features this summer. Instagram video now allows users to upload a video from their library that was previously recorded. Not only is this a big deal for everyday users, but it is specifically a big deal for brands on Instagram.

This updated Instagram video component will now allow brands to post media clips and news hits that were previously on the air. For all of the PR professionals out there, please try to contain your excitement. This is huge for building a brand’s social reputation and generating additional leads on Instagram.

We highly recommend taking the first step to implementing Instagram video into your business practices. Even posting a team video that highlights your company’s personality is great for engagement on Instagram.

Does your business want to increase the amount of press coverage that you are currently receiving so that you have more news hits to post on Instagram? Contact our team of PR superstars to get the ball rolling!

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