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Weekly Wrap-Up: Most Engaging Instagram Videos

Weekly Wrap-Up: Most Engaging Instagram Videos

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with the most engaging instagram videos to be seen by the app thus far!

We would first like to start off by giving all of the brands that have utilized the latest video addition to instagram a big round of applause! This new feature to the app will be great for consumer engagement with brands. HubSpot recently released the top 10 brands currently engaging on instagram and we have wrapped up a few of our favorites!

      • Ben & Jerry’s: Talk about positive brand awareness! Ben & Jerry’s posted an instagram video showcasing its flavor lab and how the ice cream is made. One second into the video and our team was definitely craving some ice cream!
      • Victoria’s Secret: On the opposite side of the spectrum, Victoria’s Secret posted an instagram video that displayed all of its bathing suit mix and match options. The video was short and sweet and definitely communicated the message it was trying to convey to its target audience….get in shape, so you can wear our cute bikinis!
      • Burberry: Last, but certainly not least, Burberry posted an all out video shot at one of its fashion shows. The video was just as high end as the brand itself and gave the viewers a small taste of what its catwalk would be like.

These were #TeamSerendipit‘s top three favorite instagram videos posted by brands. Which were your favorites? Tweet us your answers! @serendipit.

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