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Weekly Wrap-Up: Most Innovative Companies

Weekly Wrap-Up: Most Innovative Companies

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with a look at the most innovative companies.

What defines an innovative company you ask? From new designs to unique and engaging platforms, Fast Company has taken a closer look at some of the most innovative companies that are rocking the marketing industry!

      1. Nike – Nike is very well known for dominating the athletic industry with continuous innovations and technological advancements. In an interview with Fast Company, CEO Mark Parker explains, “One of my fears is being this big, slow, constipated, bureaucratic company that’s happy with its success.” It is obvious that Nike will never be that described company because of its constant drive for innovation.
      2. Amazon – Amazon is number two on the most innovative list with its constant innovation in warehousing. As Fast Company points out, “…the expansion of its next next-day and same-day delivery services was a jolt, the entire retail industry seemed to realize its power.” Plans for the future indicate that we have yet to see all that Amazon can do; it will only continue to get better.
      3. Square – This simple concept has forever changed the way we do business. It has not only enabled credit card transactions on mobile devices, but enabled businesses to create an entirely new customer relationship. Square currently processes more than $1 billion worth of transactions annually.
      4. Splunk – This tool has taken company analytics to the next level. As the Fast Company points out, “Rutgers University, for example, can use Splunk to search for the term “error” and find anything that might be slowing down its students’ class registration. No matter the industry, all companies can utilize this to improve their business practices.
      5. Fab – With more than 10 million in sales, this boutique housing site provides niche consumers a customized shopping experience. According to Fast Company, “Fab has built its own warehouse to ship goods faster.” This enables the company to stay on top nationally, as well as internationally.

Is your company in need of an innovative revamp, or new marketing approach? Contact Serendipit today for all of your innovation needs!

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