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Weekly Wrap-Up: New Twitter and Holiday Spirit

Twitter has created quite the buzz with the implementation of a new layout and keyboard shortcuts. It what seems like to be the new trend in all networks, Twitter has revamped and rebranded in order to improve engagement. Mashable is among the lucky few to have access to the new Twitter and have a fun chart that lists out all the new-Twitter keyboard shortcuts. Check out the video below for more information and a deeper look into the changes. What do you think?

The Siri app is still so cool. And demanding. Just take a look at Ellen‘s Siri commercial.

Festivity Forward-
With the holidays in full swing, a lot of people are spending time with friends and family. There are also many charities and ways that can help those that need some help this holiday season. Why not give back this holiday season by visiting your nearby malls and centers and donating toys, food and other items to those less fortunate? Make someone’s holiday this year. Check out Arizona Foothills Magazine’s calendar of charity and benefit events to see how you can help make a difference this holiday.

-Flash of Fun-
Hopefully this puts you in the holiday spirit because it has the winning combination of a viral holiday video: crazy holiday sweater + holiday music + public area + lots of dancing.

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