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Weekly Wrap-up: No Privacy on Facebook and Halloween Treats

Oh Facebook – you are not helping your case regarding privacy changes and lackthereof. In an article from Mashable, Facebook Ireland offices are facing a $138,000 for still having data deleted by users.The audited offices were confronted by an Austrian Facebook user who had requested a copy of his personal data from the site. They complied and sent him a lengthy CD with 1,200 pages of data, compete with data that he had deleted from his profile. In other words, those dramatic posts from high school that you deleted a few minutes after posting are technically still saved onto Facebook, just invisible to the public eye. Facebook Terms of Service changed back in 2009, stating it had the “right to use or modify user data in any way it wants, even if a user quits the service.” Well, that doesn’t sound very user-friendly. That sounds like a pretty unhealthy relationship, one where the ex gets to take all those public photos of you and post it somewhere embarrassing. Well, we’re doubtful Facebook would do that but…technically…they can?That’s a scary thought. Guess we won’t be breaking up with Facebook anytime soon.

-App Update-
In honor of Halloween, we found this ghoulishly creepy app – Scary Prank. We’ve played in in the office and the good news was – it worked! The bad news was…it worked. Not for the faint of heart. Make sure the person you prank also has a good sense of humor.

-Flash of Fun-
More Halloween fun – we LOVE this commercial from Walmart.

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