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Weekly Wrap-Up: Pinterest Adds User Verification and Search Updates

Serendipit discusses Pinterest’s new features and explores how they benefit users and brands.

Pinterest added several new features to its platform this past month. One of the most impactful of these changes is the verification of users. Brands are now able to receive a little red checkmark to show that they are the real deal – not unlike the “official account” checkmarks seen on Twitter and Instagram. At this time, there is no application to become a verified account; like Twitter, Pinterest looks into certain accounts within key interest areas and determines which accounts are legitimate. However, users are still able to verify their website in order to demonstrate legitimacy, as they have been able to previously.

Pinterest has also greatly improved its search function by introducing a number of features. Pinterest now shows trending searches and can also autofill your search as you enter it. Search also includes an autocorrect feature and users are now able to apply filters to their search to better find the content that they are looking for.

This isn’t the first big change that Pinterest has announced in recent history. Just a few weeks ago, Pinterest announced the implementation of buyable pins.


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