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Weekly Wrap-Up: Pinterest Updates

Weekly Wrap-Up: Pinterest Updates

Serendipit wraps up the week with a look at all of the recent updates to Pinterest!

Over the past few months, Pinterest has been making major updates and changes to both their mobile app and website. User accessibility is key and Pinterest headquarters wants to make sure that they are staying current with how Internet users think.

With all the significant changes happening to the platform, we have rounded up three of the top modifications that have occurred in the last two months.

      • Iphone App Update: While Pinterest is continually improving their mobile application, recent updates have provided more functionality for mobile phone users. Apart from visual changes, users can now search through pins with a swipe of a finger! Simply tap a pin on your screen and move forward or backward to view the pins in your feed.
      • Expanded Article Pins: Pinterest’s rich pins have also been given a major makeover recently. Article pins now have an updated design. While pinning articles was possible before, important information is now easier to see. Now the pins have the author’s name, article title, a brief description of the article, and a larger link. This update is great for businesses to use when pinning content from their site for a larger audience to view.
      • Promoted Pins: Along with the new updates to rich pins, Pinterest also rolled out an ad platform for the site. Business will now be able to pay to show certain pins that will be featured at the top of category pages and search results.

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