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Weekly Wrap-Up: The Power of Social Media

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Power of Social Media

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with an inside look at measuring the power of social media.

Social Media – two words that either excite a business or scare them. As marketers, we are well aware of the power that social media holds for elevating a business, but at times it can be difficult proving this power to businesses that are unfamiliar with the platform.

The first, most important, component to understand with social media is that it is a longterm strategy that will have an overall positive effect on a business and will increase a business’ online reputation. Attempting to fit the category of social media into a specific ROI template will not be efficient. It would be similar to attempting to put a value amount on answering a business’ phone. Both of these tasks are related to customer service, which holds a great deal of power to a business.

Although, social media goes way beyond customer service. Social media allows businesses to create a relatable and memorable personality to be associated with the company. Consumers interact on social media to stay up-to-date with their friends and current events, thus businesses that interact with the target audience on social media will start to become seen as more than a robot, and an actual person – not to mention much more approachable.

Businesses are always amazed by the amount of social interaction received when first starting out, but consumers prefer the easiest form of communication and a lot of times that is reaching out on social media.

Did this information convince you to begin the social media venture for your business? Contact the social media gurus at Serendipit Consulting to get the ball rolling for your company!

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