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Weekly Wrap Up: Random Tricks

This weeks weekly wrap up is slightly random, but definitely worth reading!

Pinterest– our new obsession.

As you may know, the Serendipit team (especially Alexis Krisay) is rather obsessed with all things Pinterest. So, this week we are sharing a few cool resources to enhance your Pinterest experience.

1. Share as Image: Most of you have seen the hundreds of graphically displayed quotes or sayings that are shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  This site allows you to select text from anywhere on the web and instantly transform that text into an image. You can also type in your own quotes or sayings. This fancy new site  now makes it possible for you to post and share your wisdom across the web in a visually appealing manor. There is a free version and a pro version. We suggest pro, simply because it allows for more fonts, colors and flexibility.

2. Pinstamatic: This site allows you to add just about anything to your Pinterest boards. Pinstamatic allows you to add locations, music, quotes, Twitter profiles and websites to your Pinterest boards. This site makes it easy to promote events, Twitter profiles and even songs via Pinterest. If you haven’t used Pinstamatic yet, do it now!!!

3. PinAlerts: This site is just like Google Alerts for Pinterest. PinAlerts allows you to receive an email anytime someone pins something from YOUR website. This fancy tool is perfect for getting to know the real visitors to your website and great for increasing engagement with them.

Must see movie of the week.

We are all movie buffs here at Serendipit, typically chick flick buffs. However, this week the movie recommendation – far from a chick flick, came from Alexis Krisay who typically can’t even stay up through an entire movie, so we know it must be good. Act of Valor is an action packed drama that shows how courageous our Navy Seals are and how they truly dedicate their lives to our country. Don’t let the shoot em’ up trailer fool you, this sucker is a tear jerker.

New Arcadia hot spot- CRUDO

Tucked in the back corner of the Gas Light Square shopping center on 36th and Indian School, is a modern yet rustic hot spot – CRUDO. This new restaurant is hard to find, but a must try if you like good food and a cool atmosphere. We recommend everything! However, our favs are the smoked olives, the fresh-pulled mozzarella, all the crudos and the Kitty Hawk (violet infused cocktail)

New Beauty Find- Birchbox

This site is so cool.. we can’t even explain it. Check out for yourself! Let us know if you can get on the list :)


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