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Weekly Wrap-Up: Redesign of Facebook Insights

Weekly Wrap-Up: Redesign of Facebook Insights

Serendipit wraps up the week with a look at the redesign of Facebook insights.

The moment we have all been waiting for! Facebook has finally advanced their insight system for businesses. The new look of insights is not only more clean and simple, but it also gives a more detailed description of engagement and interaction between businesses and followers.

Not only will you be able to see increases in likes and ‘talking about this’ the new insights will separate each individual component and provide graphics for engagement and reach. The best upgrade of all is that Facebook will now highlight specific posts with impressive insights and break down each component for that specific post.

These new insights will enable marketers to keep track of trends and patterns seen through their followers’ interaction behavior, so that they can customize posts accordingly.

Do you want to see these new insights skyrocket through the roof? Contact Serendipit, the social media experts, to create a social strategy for you business.


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